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From Mike’s Office




We would rather sell it than move it.




5-9-00 Jeff is changing the site so we are a little slow in posting.  We thought we would be moving by now but the rains have slowed things a bit. The front is finally taking shape, the whole front was white now mostly green as they get ready to seal it and then the final colors start going on. They paving company has been out grading the gravel and rolling it as they get ready to pave.  They show room walls are almost done but the offices had to be redone as not enough wall board was put up for the fire walls. Painting of offices and shop walls have been started.  Lights are in place in warehouse and shop.  Phone wires have been run.  Let's move.  Still about there weeks away.

Racing news Sherwood, AR  the Arkansas series ran 5-7-00 John won the 250 overall with a runaway win in the 250 class. He took second overall to Blake Keeton in the 125 class after a hard fought battle all race long.  The track is one lined and was very hard to pass on, in fact Blake said he wanted to make sure John wasn’t mad he was held up. As I replied, it was John's fault for overshooting the berm on the start.  The race action was very exciting as they raced within just feet of each other for 8 laps.  Congratulations to both Racers for excellent clean racing.
We are off to Glen Helen raceway for the first outdoor National.

4-10-00 the heating and air units are in place. The wall between the warehouse and service dept is up, the sheetrock is up on the bathrooms and shop walls. The lights in the showroom are up and some tested and working. We are getting really excited.

3-28-00 They are putting the glass in now. At 8 am they already had about half the huge front glass sections in. The wall showroom to offices had about half of one side dry wall up, starting to give the feeling of what it will look like.

3-27-00 Mike even did some work on the site, got back from North Carolina Sunday and cut down the trees at the front of the lot next to the new store. It made the site much easier to see from the north. The first sheet of drywall went up this morning on the wall from the offices to the show room. They say the glass should be in this week. The front is drawing lots of questions, no one can figure out the points on the end. The phone wires have been run as well as the computer wires.

WOW! It really is taking shape. the front is going up, you can see the mountains that's right mountains. The frames for the front glass are in on one side, the inside walls are almost all ready for drywall. the electrician is in putting in wiring and lights. There should be some pictures up in history later today. (as so as we get them back) the pads for air conditioning units are formed. The gutters are on the sides of the building.

3-14-00 the roof is on, the front design is starting to take shape, the peaks, curves etc are showing. The offices, parts area, customer lounge, service dept etc are all coming together. Everyday shows significant change.

3-6-00 The roof on the new building is going up. the back wall is up. The interior walls are going up too. The front sidewalk had been poured and most of the curbs are done. It is really starting to take shape. Work is going on the front of the building as well as heating/airconditioning duct work.

2-27-00 The north and south walls are up and the front sidewalk should be done this week. The support beams for the awning are up. Ducts for the heat and a/c are going up.

2-22-00 More steel is up and not done with the frame yet as they are now building the front canopy support and structure for the front of the building. They are also getting ready to pour the footings for the front canopy and then the front sidewalk. No walls up yet, but the supports for it were being bolted on yesterday. More dirt work was underway also to get ready for paving the lot.

2-17-00 The concrete for the entire showroom is now complete and a nice color it is. The walls should be going up very tomorrow or Monday. The rain stopped work for today. You can really see how big it is going to be now. The huge beams for the front are up too.

2-10-00 the steel frame is up and they are ready to pour the concrete for the showroom. I can't wait to see the color, it will be very interesting. The test tank/loading dock is done. The roof and walls should start going on next week.

2-3-00 Most of the poles are up, the beams are going up and it's starting to look like a building will be there. Pictures from 2-2-00 are posted in the history section. The steel for the building came in Wed 1-26 and the snow came Thursday so not much else done except lay out the poles.

The new Cycle & Marine Supercenter has finally started to come up.  The dirt work has been completed, the pouring of concrete has  commenced The service department and office floors are to be poured December 30th . Entergy has even put up poles, lines, and transformers.  Some hints: this will be one of the largest dealership facilities in the south.  It will be on over 20 acres of land on highway 79 south at the exit of I 530.  We are excited and hope this will make your shopping easier and more fun. Come on over to our store on east Harding for big savings as we get ready to move. 1-3-00, the floor for the service department, parts department, offices and customer lounge has been finished. Next big step will be the arrival of the material for the building while site work continues on driveways and parking. 1-13-00 structure for the building is due in around the 27th of January. The new watercraft test tank is under construction (walls done, bottom and ramp ready. We're all getting more excited as it continues to grow.


Gary has been working on the track with Pete Perna and Albert Barbaree digging in. The track will have many new sections and new jumps. The last race at Pine Bluff MX had over 150 riders for the season opener. John and I met one the families in Dayton and they came down for the opener. We saw them again this weekend at Memphis and said the track was great especially since in Ohio it was so muddy it was impossible to race outdoors.   The track was in great shape with some new jumps, an awesome whoop section and great traction. Track memberships are available at Cycle & Marine or see Gary Cicero (870-879-5144) for only $100 per family.



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